About Us

The urban dance concept is widely used abroad, that involves all the original old school and new school hip-hop dance styles. Our crew deals specifically with these original hip-hop styles (which is unique in Hungary) - popping (electic boogaloo), locking, New (York) style hip-hop, LA style hip-hop, house dance, krumping, b-boying (breakdance).

The founders of the Urban Dance Theater (H), who are the members of the Urban Dance Team: Zsolt Szederkényi (Papi), Gábor Csordás (Csocsó) and Róbert Fazekas (Pizsy) are professional hip-hop dancers and teachers. They are prizers of many national and international competitions (alone and in different formations as well), and performers of several videoclips and star events. They consider the spreading of the hip-hop and funk culture as their mission. With the establishment of this dance theatre they would like to show that the urbandance concept could become a real and serious stage genre.

Working areas of the Urban Dance Team:

Our dance school (Urban Dance School) is functioning in Budapest and Székesfehérvár, where our dancers are familiarized with the original styles presented by us. We organize regularly intensive, whole day courses (Urban Dance Workshops) for those, who would like to get a line on the world of urban styles.

Our summer camp (Urban Dance Kemp) is a fresh, intensive and rich-information training, where beginners and professionals can also improve their knowledge.

Why are we so specific? Because anyone who is persistent enough to acquire these original styles can become a real freestyle dancer. Where can you benefit from it? Anywhere in the world where the urban styles are involved in the culture. For example at us, anyone can show up in a real 2 vs 2 battle (Urban Dance Battle).

The urban dance styles can give us a real lifestyle and feelings and the best thing is that the process of development never stops, because there is always a newer stair where from you can see the next one. We also participate in many 'underground' events inland and abroad as well (battles, workshops, jams) in order to draw the real hip-hop feeling in.